Wedding Dress Shopping: Who’s Invited?

Be Sure To Take These Personality Types Along For Your Wedding Dress Search

A-line, low drop waist, mermaid cut, you name it,  wedding dresses come in thousands of styles, shapes, and colors. Although you’ve dreamt of the perfect gown, the time has finally come to visit the nearest bridal salon, and say “Yes” to a dress. Choosing between the perfect Pnina Tornai or  Christian Siriano isn’t a decision you want to make alone, so who do you bring along to help you decide wether its sultry satin or loving lace you’ll be wearing on your big day?

The One With A Motherly Spirit

Wether its your real mom, step mom, or mom-like friend, take someone with you, who will give you some TLC, before ,during and after your fitting. The Mother Goose of the group, should be there to make sure the group isn’t too critical, provides helpful constructive feedback, and has memory like an elephant. She’ll remember which dress made you smile, which one made you laugh and which one made you cry. Your mother goose will also make sure you don’t take home anything to risqué or revealing. She’ll be the one to say something like, let’s focus on what you love, not what we like, or dress number two really made you smile.

The One Who Knows Your Body Type

Take the friend who isn’t afraid to say, “hey girl, that’s not your best fit, because… “ and actually offers insight based on your body type. Her commentary should sound similar to, I think you may like an off the shoulder, you have such great arms or since you are concerned about your cleavage, why don’t you try something with more beading on the bottom and less on the top.

The One Who Can Read Your Mind

We all have that friend or sibling, who can look into our eyes and know exactly what we’re thinking, without saying a word. Have this person tag along to your dress fitting, to make sure the things you might not be saying allowed, are actually heard. This person can speak on your behalf, if you are the shy type or may be able to better express your thoughts if you are a bit emotional. She would say something like, “Hey girlie, it seems like you’re not in love with this particular dress, what do you like and not like about, we can find something that has what you like, or you tried on a ton of dresses today, lets take a break and grab some lunch?

The One Who Has A Level Head

This person will make sure you don’t go over budget, and that you go home with something you love. Don’t be offended if she doesn’t ooo and ahhh with everyone else, her concern isn’t the belt or pleats – she wants to ensure that when you walk away, you feel like you made the right decision. Her commentary might sound like, that is beautiful on you, and it turns out its a little over budget -I’ll ask about some sort of discount, or you originally said you wanted something light since its a beach wedding, do you feel like this dress will be light enough?

The One Who Has A Sense of Fashion

Be sure to bring a  total fashionista friend along, to help you step up your wedding dress game. Your fashionista friend, will let you know if your dress will tell its age in your wedding photos, or leave you looking completely classic. Her advice should sound like, the plunging neckline is so in right now, or not feeling the sleeves, very Kate Middleton circa 2011.

Got a feeling your fashionista will clash with your body type expert, feel free to split up the groups. Take your fashionista and mother-goose for a first round, and meet with your level header, mind reader, and body type expert for a second round. Once you’ve narrowed down to what you believe is “The Dress,” invite everyone for any unveiling complete, with veil choice, shoe ideas, and champagne.

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