8 Things To Check Off Your “Just Engaged” Checklist

Gasp, you’ve just said yes! He was down on one knee and before you knew it, there was a sparkly rock on your ring finger, and you answered the big question. Now, you’ve got some major planning to do, but before you set the date, be sure to check these 8 things off your “just engaged” checklist.


FaceTime Your Parents and Your Very Best Friends

If they weren’t in on the proposal surprise, they’ll be ecstatic to hear about this exciting life changing experience. FaceTime your peeps, especially ones that may play a big roll in the wedding day, so they don’t feel out of the loop when they see you post online.


Stage the Ultimate Instagram Picture and Wedding Ring Selfie

Share the special news with your followers via a perfectly lit and highly angled post on Instagram and Facebook.   Try the faded out background, with all the focus on the ring or maybe the surprised face with him still on one knee. Either way, this picture is your first announcement to the world, make it a good one.



Write Down Exactly How The Proposal Happened

Wether it was on top of a mountain or in your living room, the moment you said yes was absolutely perfect. Write down how the proposal happened so you never ever forget.  Pull it out and read it when you and your other half are in a lovers quarrel, or as a story you can tell the grand kids.


Look Through Your Parents Wedding Album for Ideas

Mom was rocking the frilly shoulder dress, and dad a mullet – but they’ve got taste, I promise. Flip through the old photo album and watch their wedding tape for tried and true traditions and wedding tips. You never know, you could easily find your “something borrowed.”


Get Your Ring Resized

Your ring will be with your forever, and should fit like a glove. Have your ring resized to fit your finger and ask your jeweler the best ways to care for it.


 Buy A Wedding Ring Dish

Should you wear your engagement ring while in the shower? There’s no rule that you can’t, but if you’re worried, buy a  ring dish for safe keeping. We like these:





Research the Marriage Requirements and Licensing in Your State

Before the wedding day even takes place, couples must apply and pay fees for their marriage license. Check with your county’s marriage license bureau for application requirements which in some states include blood tests, physical exams, and consummation of the marriage. Okay fine these are a bit outdated, but you can check out what your state currently requires here: http://www.usmarriagelaws.com


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