Exclusive Interview with Wedding Stylist Ani Hovhannisyan

You wouldn’t ask a plumber to make your wedding cake or a priest to do your make up, so why go anywhere else besides a bridal stylists to curate every look from engagement shoots to honeymoon.  We caught up with Ani Hovhannisyan, the founder of  Through The Veil, a bridal stylist company based in New York City, to hear more about her clients, how brides can be styled, and what trends she’s seeing this wedding season.


Tell us how and why you started Through The Veil

I saw a need to help brides find their wedding dress because its an aspect of the wedding that wedding planners don’t touch. I help brides envision their wedding from a fashion standpoint by commissioning dresses, scheduling and assisting bridal fittings, styling the bride for her bridal parties, rehearsal dinner,  photoshoot and even honeymoon.

When Do You Come Into The Styling Process?

At the very beginning. On average I’m hired one year to 1.5 years out by very high-end brides looking for a completey bespoke experience. I don’t usually work with brides looking for something off the rack. My brides take every aspect of their wedding into consideration, including style, where I come in with a professional eye for color, texture and fit.

How Do You Work With Brides?

I’m ultimately the middle man, designing the fashion of the wedding. I’m at engagement shoots and even there on the day before of and after the wedding. For engagement shoots I work closely with event photographers, helping highlight the brides entire outfit from accessories to jewelry. On the day of – I’m there to make sure everything the bride is wearing works. In case of a stain a rip or a sizing issue – the bride will have me on site.  I help with every detail from dress to nail polish.

Run Us Through The Process of Styling A Bride

After the bride hires me and I get a feel for her style and shape – I start with a mood board and begin touring showrooms. I set up meetings with designers to get the brides measurements and help narrow down choices based on the bride’s personality, what the bride is asking for and what I can visualize her in.

Trends for Fall

Brides are wearing a ton of paneling this year and sexy cutouts, showing lots of skin. Long trains are in with long exaggerated veils. A lot of second time brides are going with body suits and different colors like off-whites, pinks, black, and pastels. I’m also seeing nude nails, with light design. I also suggest for my brides to go very light on accessories for the big-day letting the dress speak for itself. Brides can go big on accessories for her occasions like the bridal shower or rehearsal dinner.


Not In Trend

Nix the mermaid with the tulle and the dresses with thousands of beads.


Favorite Time Of Year?

Bridal Fashion Week


Margarita or Martini?



Dream Honeymoon

Somewhere warm like a Safari.


Dream Wedding

I’m Armenian and my boyfriend is from Pakistan – so I envision a two day event, 1 day of each culture. I’m going to be in a beautiful Armenian Wedding Dress and we’ll do all of the cultural traditions. The mother of the bride flings bread over her shoulder for good luck and we’ll eat a spoon full of honey – signifying how sweet our marriage could be.


For more information on Through The Veil or Styling by Ani Hovhannisyan visit http://www.throughtheveil.nyc

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