Add These Five Elements To Your Lesbian Wedding

Same-sex marriages were taking place long before the US Supreme Court decided to “permit them,” and with March highlighting Women’s History Month, there’s no question that lesbian weddings have played a large part in the fight for women and equality. Did you know that the first “official” same-sex married couple in America, were two women, Phyllis Lyon and her partner Del Martin in 2004? Talk about taking a major plunge. The couple had a small ceremony at the San Francisco City Hall with twenty of their closest friends and family in attendance.

Thank goodness for growth, as more lesbians and same-sex couples have been able to do the same. Some classic and a few outlandish, every wedding should reflect the happy couple, and to help with planning, we’ve rounded up five lesbian wedding elements to add to your big day.

The Dual Grand Entrance 

With lesbian weddings, there’s not just one bride to be the center of attention. Lots of lady couples go for two aisles venues so that both brides can make the grand entrance, appearing from parallel sides of the venue and walking down the aisle at the exact same time. If that type of venue is tough to find in your city, consider walking down the aisle, hand in hand.

9/30/11: Cassie + Latisha’s wedding at LIberty House, Jersey City


Pre-Wedding Champagne 

Weddings can be a bit nerve wrecking  for any couple, but especially couples that weren’t permitted to get married until recent decades. To take a bit of the edge off, treat your guests to a light champagne reception before the nuptials.  This brief 10 – 30 minute reception should loosen up even your toughest critical family members, create a light atmosphere, and kick the celebration off with a pop, fizz, fizz.


Cut A Rainbow Cake 

Make the occasion even sweeter with a rainbow wedding cake. Have your baker add a rainbow of colored flowers to the outside, or curate a ribbon of colors on the inside, so when you cut the cake, there’s a prideful surprise.



Historical Readings at the Ceremony 

Religious weddings do a bible verse, theatrical weddings do monologues, lesbians can do a historical reading from the overturn of proposition 8 or tolerance of all types of lovers.

A few common readings include:

  • An excerpt from the Judge Vaughn Walker ruling which was the first judge to overturn Proposition 8
  • The Maya Angelou poem from Touched By An Angel
  • The Art of Marriage Poem
  • The excerpt from the Goodridge v The Massachusetts Department of Public Health ruling that first legalized gay marriage in Mass – Judge Margaret Marshall


Pick a Seat Not A Side – Seating Arrangement

Straight couples are finally following suite on the mixed guest seating at the ceremony, but lesbian couples have been promoting this unity since the beginning. Obviously its a bit strange to say sit on the brides side, when there are two brides – but a wedding of inclusion should promote family bonds early.

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